Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

A wonderful surprise has come up on this journey. I wasn't only going to Brazil, I was also going to Germany. Bear with me as I tell you the story.

I learned from a church mate that her brother went to Brazil March of that year 2006. On the way to Brazil, he and his companions had a 15-hour stop over at Frankfurt airport in Germany. My aunt and her German husband live a few minutes away from Frankfurt. Out of my ignorance of airport protocols (you see, I have never been out of the country), I thought, maybe if I could get a flight to Brazil that stops over at Germany, my aunt could see me at the airport, take me to a restaurant or give me a quick tour of the vicinity. That would be a treat before going to Brazil.

Then last July 2006, out of the blue, my aunt called long distance to see how we’re doing. I told her about my plan to go to Brazil to attend a Christian publishing conference and about the possibility of a stop over at Frankfurt airport. Through the course of our conversation, I found out that I will not be allowed to go out of Frankfurt Airport if the plane I’m in is just in transit on the way to my next destination. But, she said she could invite me to stay with them a week before I proceed to Brazil, if I could confirm the flight. Even if she and my uncle were due to fly in the Philippines for a vacation in October, they were willing to adjust their schedule to accommodate me.

I couldn’t dismiss these circumstances as mere coincidences. The casual mention of a stop over at Frankfurt, the phone call last July, the willingness to adjust a vacation in the Philippines to welcome me in Germany…there seems to be more than just coincidences to all these so I asked God if it’s part of His plan for me to go to Germany also.

Personally, I welcome this opportunity to see a historical and beautiful place like Germany. Many people dream of traveling to Europe and now that I’m given the chance, I wouldn’t want to miss it. Let's see where this journey would lead.

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bert de castro said...

All things work together for good.