Thursday, November 27, 2008


A striking advertisement on cable channel shows a former runner, who became blind, running a marathon once again and reaching the finish line. How is it possible? Well, tied to him is another man who runs with him and serves as his guide. Together, they finish the race with jubilation.

I wasn’t sure at first if it was the blind yet courageous marathoner, or the selfless running partner, that struck a chord in me. On second thought, I realized it was both of them. Both were admirable in overcoming obstacles to victory, and only in partnership did each one’s luster shine ever brighter.

In the months of my journey, God sent me partners to run this race of faith with me. They lifted my spirit and made my load lighter. Actually, I don’t know all of them by names, for some have chosen to remain anonymous, but I am truly grateful for these wonderful people. Allow me to introduce some of them to you:

o My husband, whose big listening ears allow me to share endlessly what God has revealed to me from the Scriptures. He has an open mind and heart and he encourages me to pursue what I believe is God’s plan and purpose for me—truly a loving partner in every of my life;

o Families, friends, and churchmates who readily prayed for me whenever I asked for prayer support;

o A pastor who tapped his network of friends and churches to help me raise funds for the trip;

o Individuals who surprised me with their pledges and financial gifts; some of them have even given sacrificially, others anonymously;

o A busy executive who took the time to help me scout for cheap airfare;

o A friend who had been to Brazil and who promised to give me some Brazilian real coins for emergency and who would lend me his Portuguese-English dictionary;

o Missionary friends who shared testimonies of their own journey of faith. I’m particularly blessed with a former classmate in Bible school who reached a London airport with only $10 as show money. God proved Himself faithful by sustaining my friend and brought her even to 20 countries afterwards. Another friend, armed only with God’s promise, marched to the US embassy and miraculously got a visa for religious training from the often strict consul;
o Inspiring individuals who sent me text messages which came at the right time. Their words of wisdom were manna from heaven;
o A spiritual mentor who reminded me of my spiritual inheritance and who at times gently rebuked me when my faith was faltering;
o Like-minded people who rooted for me, supporting me enthusiastically with words like, “Nothing is impossible with God”, “God will fulfill His promise to you”, “As God enables, I’ll make sure you get to Brazil”, and other encouraging and faith-building words.

There could be others whom I failed to mention but who, unknown to me, had done something beneficial for me. I may not be aware of it, but God certainly takes notice. I’m truly grateful He sent me wonderful people to join me in my journey. These human partners are in fact, a reflection of a greater truth—that I have an invisible God walking with me and making Himself known through these visible people.
Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? Amos 3:3

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