Thursday, December 18, 2008

The View from Heaven

When I bought my ticket, I reserved a window seat so I could enjoy the view down below while I travel on air. For someone used to living down on earth, seeing things from heaven does look amazing and provides a different perspective.

Looking out of the window of the airplane that was traveling on an altitude as high as 38,000 feet, I saw vast land forms—green fields, cities dotted with minute roofs, mountainous regions (some even snow-capped,) miles of white deserts, plateau, and a wide array of fluffy clouds as well as thin drifting ones. The setting sun on the west painted layers of glowing red, orange, and bright yellow on the blue horizon. At night time, man-made communities and cities made their existence known through steady as well as moving lights.

I gasped in awe as I saw God’s wonderful creation. This wonderful display of colors and forms of nature is for me, God’s way ay revealing His creativity, grandeur, authority over nature, and love for mankind. To miss the view does not only mean denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying God’s creation and the gentle shower of God’s love (for who would not feel loved by such a feast of beauty and a flood of peace brought about by seeing God’s creation?) Missing this wonderful view is also missing a great opportunity to praise God.

From above, looking down at the cities below with roofs that appear like minute squares made me ask, Who could be down there? Who could be reading a book, taking a nap, doing household chores, or working in a factory? Is there anyone down there calling on God to help him get through the day, or pleading to know Him more?

Then I remembered the verse that says, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him…” (2 Chronicles 16:9). From heaven, God sees us all and searches for anyone calling out to Him. The Bible says He is alert to the cries of His people and He is ready to answer and rescue them out of their troubles.

Meantime, back to earth, the pace and view is different. When my plane from Manila landed at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, I rushed to my boarding gate as soon as I passed by passport control so as not to miss my connecting flight to Frankfurt. I walked for about 10-12 minutes from the F9 gate where we landed to gate B22 (with stop-overs at security check-in and immigration) where a bus awaits passengers like me to ferry us to a Fokker plane going to Frankfurt, Germany. It was easy to spot someone who knows how to give directions in English. Also, I wasn’t surprised at all that there were Filipinos lining up before and behind me towards immigration. I quickly asked in Tagalog if I was in the right lane and got a nod and a friendly smile.

But since I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to linger at the shops (although I wouldn’t buy anything, I’d probably just look around), sip gourmet coffee, or visit the museum inside the airport featuring works of Rembrandt. I could only glance at some of the men and women in suits with hand luggage in tow, and the backpackers in slippers or rubber shoes. I was in the midst of men and women from different nations in transit to other destinations. I uttered a short prayer for their salvation and eternal destination.

The view from the sky was awesome, inspiring worship; leisurely, inviting rest. The situation at the airport was dazzling because of the well-lit and brightly decorated shops everywhere. The ambience was cosmopolitan and international.

Isn’t life on earth like that? We hurry through one appointment after another, meeting people, making deals, accomplishing tasks. We do so at the risk of missing some quiet and quality time with God, spending leisurely hours with the people we love, enjoying the fruits of our labor, and just doing nothing—resting from all our works as the Lord commanded.

I pray that God will also bless you one day with a trip of a life time like He did to me. But you don’t have to wait for that trip to be able to enjoy the abundant life Jesus gave to us. You can do it now. Tomorrow, you can take time to view the glowing sunrise. Tonight, gaze at the millions of glittering stars. Or give yourself a day off this weekend. Go to the parlor for an overdue haircut or treat yourself to a spa. Call or email your friends. Perhaps, you can plan a romantic dinner at home with your spouse, or rent a DVD and watch the latest animated movie with your kids. On top of it all, don’t forget to say a prayer of thanks to your Creator for all the beautiful things He has done around you and in your life. He deserves your praise.

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