Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Confirmed!

I got a message from another travel agency referred to by a friend informing me that they were able to get a confirmed booking for me via KLM!

Until the last hour, I was still waitlisted in Lufthansa's flight. I was also booked with KLM through another agency but until Thursday, the Nov. 10-11 flights to Sao Paulo were still fully booked. But by Friday afternoon, the managing director of the agency told me that someone from KLM gave her a tip on how she could get me booked. God works in wonderful ways!

Compared to the booking I had with Lufthansa (which by now had been auto-cancelled by the airlines because I was waitlisted until the option to purchase the ticket was given), this route will be longer. I remembered Exodus 13:17-18. God didn't lead the Israelites to the shorter route to the Promised Land. Even though my route would be longer, I welcome it as a wonderful surprise. First, I know God has a purpose for it. Secondly, I will be having two stop-overs in 2 European cities--Amsterdam and Paris!

By the way, just to show again how God works perfectly on time, I got the confirmation on Friday, and it was also on that day that the amount to be raised for the ticket has been completed. It is best to wait upon God!

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