Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Container with a Little Oil

One morning, while waiting for my turn to be served by the bank teller, an idea hit me. Why not open a separate savings account where I could deposit my incoming funds for my trip to Brazil?
I remembered the story of the widow of a prophet who was greatly in debt that the creditors were coming to take her two boys as his slaves (2 Kings 4:1-7). The prophet Elisha told the widow to gather all the empty jars she could ask from her neighbors. She was in debt. How could several empty jars pay off her debt?
The prophet of God required her first to gather as many containers as she could. The second step she was told to do was to go inside her house and together with her sons, pour oil into the empty jars.

Those were two things she could do naturally. Get empty jars. Pour oil. Now God would have to do His part supernaturally.
According to the Bible, the widow had nothing but “a little oil”. But as the widow obeyed the prophet’s word, the oil kept flowing. It kept flowing and flowing, filling all the other jars!
In the natural, she had little oil, but God, the Source of all resource, increased it supernaturally such that she and her sons had enough to sell in order to pay off their debts and live on what was left. Enough to buy some meat and bread they hadn’t tasted in a long time, and perhaps enough to buy some new clothes for her family.
God could also multiply my financial resources no matter how small, in the natural, it may initially be. I need to have a container too, so He could supernaturally fill it up! So prompted by this thought, I took another step of faith closer to Brazil—five months before Littworld, I opened a savings account with an initial deposit of P1,000.00 (around $20 at that time) to store the financial resources God would pour to finance my trip to Brazil. A container with a “little oil” is a good start for God to work on His miracle.

Twelve days after I opened an account for the trip to Brazil, a friend asked me for my bank account number and expressed willingness to extend financial support. Praise God!


marj said...

Wowee! Nice layout, Ate Yah! I've been waiting for this new post. Continue to glorify the Lord in your life. May we all continue to see things in HIS perspective. =)

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