Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Wants to Be Rich?

The Power To Create Righteous Wealth

I guess the right question to ask is, “How does one become rich?” Most people would probably not shy away from being rich, or at least from having more than enough, of having the ability to buy whatever one needs and desires. There are too many books out in the market sharing secrets and tips on how to get rich. I haven’t read most of them, but there is one book that I was eager enough to buy and read—the book The Power to Create Righteous Wealth by Rene Resurreccion.

The author is an entrepreneur and a well-sought motivational speaker and trainer who believes that it is possible to create wealth the right way, and that wealth management is not merely for one’s own material gain. Wealth is something to be used and shared for the glory of God.

In his Preface, the author promised to train and motivate the readers to earn more, save more, invest more, and give more. The first three actions of earning, saving, and investing are common principles in money management. The book’s chapters on life planning, work ethic, saving, and business offer insightful ideas with biblical perspectives. No matter what phase of life you are in, the chapter on life planning will challenge you to consider how you are currently spending not only your money, but also your life. And don’t jump right away into thinking that going into business is not for you; jump instead to the chapter on business to unlock your personal entrepreneurial competencies.

But I think the more revolutionary thought in the book is the idea of giving more. The author proposes that we are blessed to be a blessing to other people and to the kingdom of God. That’s why he includes giving as part of wealth management. How to give and to whom to give could be an eye opener to those not familiar with the practice of giving. But let it not just open your eyes. Let it also open your hands to give.

The Power to Create Righteous Wealth is so rich in ideas you’ll be excited about getting rich. This title is  published by Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM). It’s available at CSM Bookstore, PCBS, and National Bookstores. 

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