Monday, July 18, 2011

A Trip to the Post Office

After several years, I made a trip back to the post office to mail a receipt to a distant client. I used to go to the post office to claim packages of books, make money orders, and yes, mail letters. But with the advent of courier services, credit cards, and emails, I didn't have a reason anymore to go back there until the other day. Although what I saw was not surprising, it still hit me. It's finally sinking in. 

Whereas before, there were many tellers simultaneously feeding envelopes into the metered machines while chattering with each other, now there were only a handful of employees. There were only three or four tables inside, and there was much space unlike before when big boxes and piles of mails were all over the place.It wasn't as noisy as before when I used to frequent the post office. That day, aside from me, there were only two other ladies doing business at the post office, applying for a postal ID. Before I left though, a few students arrived to inquire about stamps. 

An old lady approached the window where I lined up to get stamps. I recognized her from my past visits. All these years, she has stayed at the post office. She looks thinner and her hair has turned gray. Cheerfully, she handed me three tiny stamps which I paid promptly for a very small amount, definitely cheaper than the fee for a courier service. Within less than 10 minutes, I had finished my transaction with the post office. 

I read a note just about three weeks earlier that we must be ready to imagine a world without the post office. Technology and innovative services have undoubtedly replaced the post office because it can deliver services faster and more conveniently. I myself have stopped going to the post office until the other day. I felt a bit sad, though, for something that will soon be disappearing. I think we feel that way most of the time for people and things that mean a lot to us. But when something or someone goes away, another thing comes along. Hopefully, that something or someone is much better. 


I believe said...

I paid 1600 for a package to France, the only time I used the post office kasi akala ko makakatipid ako. So I avoided the LBC which I used before. After two months, my package returned to me undelivered, and they said it has reached France but It came back. This was so frustrating since this is the only time I used the post office for such, and they did not deliver. Aside from the flailing number of staff and logistics, they are truly getting bad at delivering their services. At one time, my check came opened, with three stamps saying it was opened. Luckily they did not get the check, but you get my drift.

Marlene Legaspi-Munar said...

That was such a bad experience. I have received packages too which were already opened. Is there a law that requires them to do that? If they suspect drugs in the package,they should have other means to check other than open the package. Let them open only once it's verified. Oh well...