Friday, July 1, 2016

Hungry Like Kopiko and Copycat

Our cats Kopiko and Copycat

Our cats, Kopiko and Copycat, are always waiting outside our kitchen door for my husband to feed them. In the morning, once we open the door, they scramble and meow, expressing their need for food. And as my husband prepares their daily fare of sardines, they run quickly and cry even louder. They're hungry and they're excited to be fed.

Psalm 130:5 says, "I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and with hope I wait for his word". The psalmist is also hungry for food for his soul and he knows what can satisfy him and how he could get it. He knows that only God can feed his soul with His satisfying words. And so he waits on God till He receives a message of hope.

Jesus said that we are to live not on bread alone, but on every word that comes out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). Fortunately for us today, God's word has been neatly put together in a book form--the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the importance of hearing, or in our case, reading the Word of God is always emphasized. The Bible is not just a guide for life, but it is food for our soul. As a human father nourishes his children with food that will make them healthy and strong, our Heavenly Father also offers us spiritual feast for our growth and contentment. His Word encourages, enlightens, invigorates, infuses us with hope, calms our fears, and fills our heart with peace. But like our cats, we are to come regularly, humbly, and with expectation to our Father's table so He can feed us with fresh manna from heaven.

If you would like to start each day with a reading of a Bible verse, visit  BibleGateway. This site also offers various devotionals, Bible study guides, and various translations of the Bible. 

OMF Literature also has a physical and online bookstore where you can purchase Bibles that will suit your need. 

The Philippine Bible Society also publishes and distributes Bibles in different dialects spoken in the country. 

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