Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slow Down

As cars and jeeps honk and snake their way to downtown, I silently sent a request. "Lord, please make this a quick trip." I recalled my itinerary for the day--pay bills, make deposits, buy groceries. I wanted to finish everything quickly so I can get back home and continue writing. But when I reached downtown, instead of going to the bank, I followed the alley leading to a cafe. I haven't had a full breakfast and my tummy wants to be filled.

I scanned the menu and ordered a sausage penne and lemon cucumber shake. I was hoping I could finish the brunch in a few minutes so I could then go to the bank, but I saw a reminder in front of the cash register: We slow-cook your meal so please bear with us. Oh, maybe that's one reason why the small restaurant has a shelf of books. So while waiting for my meal, I randomly picked one. The title is The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in  Love with The God Jesus Knows. I began to browse.

I surveyed the table of contents and saw that the last chapter has the most interesting title: How to Make a Pickle. It's subtitle gives a hint on what the chapter is about: Soul Training: Slowing Down. The author, James Bryan Smith, reminds us readers to slow down so we can get a clear perspective of things and hear from God. Actually, I've been planning to go on a personal retreat the next day. I've just been dispatched.

So I'm slowing down for a day or two. And yes, I'm enjoying the view.

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