Friday, September 6, 2013

Is Your Life on Hold?

Do you think you're missing something?
Do you feel like your life has been put on hold?
Do you desperately want to make things happen but things are not progressing?

At some point in our lives, we ask these questions, whether you are a new graduate seeking a first job, a mother who gave up a thriving career to be a full-time homemaker, a midlifer or a senior citizen wondering and worrying about the direction of your life. Some may even be tempted to ask: Has God forgotten me?

I'll let Psalm 138:8 answer that last question. The verse, written by King David many years ago says, "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me..." God is concerned about our welfare so He has good plans for us. And because He is wise and unlimited in power, He is able to carry out those good plans for us as we submit and work together with Him. When we seek God's good plans for us and work towards that, we will have a satisfying and  significant life.

Waiting and working are necessary. Do all what you know you can and stop doing what you should not be doing. Be productive while you're waiting but pause also to savor the moment. Trust God. Your next big thing could be just around the corner. 

Are you in midlife? You can have a satisfying and significant midlife. This is the message of my upcoming book Life in the Middle published by Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM). Like the Facebook page of Life in the Middle to know more about the book. 

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