Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Does Your Future Look Like?

My husband turned a year older yesterday. Before his special day was over, he blurted out what seemed to be a profound realization, "In a few years, I will be a senior citizen!" I didn't react as dramatically because I already realized that fact even before he did, or at least before he made his thoughts public. I, too, have been  doing the countdown and I think many of my friends are doing the same. Sometimes, the thought of turning older dampens our spirit. Turning older suggests weaker knees and more wrinkles and white hair. Being a senior citizen could also mean losing our capacity and chance to earn bigger. Right?

Could be, but turning older does not necessarily mean we won't have a good future anymore. It doesn't mean that God hasn't planned for our future or that He would have no more good stuff for us by that time. God has good plans for us in every stage of our lives, whether we are four, fourteen, forty, or even eighty. The Psalmist wrote, "Many, O Lord my God, are the wonderful works which You have done, and Your thoughts toward us; no one can compare with You! If I should declare and speak of them, they are too many to be numbered" (Psalm 40:5). A loving Heavenly Father will never run out of surprises for His children. If we are willing to believe in His loving kindness, we will see the wonderful things He has in store for us in the future. 

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