Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Life of Learning

This day, March 20, is a memorable day. A few days ago, a high school classmate unearthed our graduation programme and quickly reminded our Facebook group that on this day, 30 years ago, we graduated from high school. By coincidence, on this day also, I spoke at a Moving Up and Recognition Ceremony for kindergarten students. 

Many of us seems elated and at the same time, nostalgic at the thought that it's been 30 years since we received our high school diploma. Back then, I never thought that 30 years later I would be standing on  a stage, not to receive a diploma but to deliver a message to the students being promoted and their  parents. 

After high school graduation, I went to college and received a bachelor's degree. Between then and now, I took a diploma course in pastoral ministry, a certificate in teaching language, attended seminars, workshops, and conferences here and abroad. I became involved in church ministry, got married, raised a family, and built a freelance career. 

Along the way I recalled some things which I learned from high school. But there were also other things I learned not from high school but from everyday life. I learned from my mistakes and from unlikely people. I came to know God by reading the Bible and became wiser doing what I discovered from the Book. Even up to now, I'm still learning. In fact, just recently, I started taking up online courses. 

The day is about to end. The reminiscing will probably continue until tomorrow or the day after. In this season of graduation, I realized that we may stop going to school, but we never stop learning. 

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