Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cleaning Your Heart

Yesterday, after several days, I finally cleaned our bathroom. It was a gruesome sight. Dirt has filled the spaces between the floor tiles. Grime from dried soap suds and dead skin cells has covered the surface of the wall tiles. And the stinking smell is unbearable. As I scrubbed the nasty crud, I reprimanded myself. I should have cleaned the bathroom every day; in fact, soon after I take a bath each day.

As I was contemplating the tedious task of removing the dirt that has accumulated in this most neglected part of our house, God must have decided this is a good time to remind me of another dirt that could dangerously foul the chamber of my heart. That stubborn dirt works the same way with sin. If you do not confess your sin right away, and let days pass before you confess your wrong doing, you'll have a hard time coping with your guilt. But if you confess your sins to Me, I will keep My promise and do what is right: I will forgive you your sins and purify you from all your wrongdoing.*

The Life Application Study Bible explains, "God has forgiven our sins because of Christ's death...In admitting our sins and receiving Christ's cleansing, we are: 1) agreeing with God that our sin truly is sin and that we are willing to turn from it, 2) ensuring that we don't conceal our sins from Him and consequently from ourselves, and 3) recognizing our tendency to sin and relying on His power to overcome it. 

Starting the new year with a clean slate begins with confessing our sins to God and accepting His forgiveness through Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sin. Don't wait another day. God is waiting to clean your heart. 

*Based on 1 John 1:9, Good News Bible

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