Friday, November 9, 2012

God Speaks through Shirts

I am a writer. I realized that God easily gets my attention when I see words. I "hear" God more often through the "written" word. Each time I read the Bible--God's written Word--I hear Him speak. I learn about His desires and commands, His precepts and promises. Sometimes, when I pray silently, God speaks through words, phrases, and sentences I see around me. 

One time, I was invited by an aunt to visit her and my uncle in Germany. I saw it right away as an opportunity to encourage them. It was a short visit prior to attending a publishing conference in another country, so I was not sure if my stay with them had benefited them as much as it had blessed me. As my plane  prepares to take off for my next destination, I silently asked God, "Lord, did I accomplish your purpose for me here in Germany?" I was seated by the window at that time and then, I saw those blue letters painted boldly in one hangar as if screaming at me: "Mission Complete". I knew it was God's answer.

This afternoon, I was aboard, not on a plane, but a jeepney, and I was profusely thanking God for the result of my glucose test. Last June, my blood sugar was high and my doctor recommended a more definitive oral glucose tolerance test to make sure that I don't have diabetes. I finally took the test this week which entails three injections to extract blood samples. After much prayer, a change in diet, and exercise (sometimes!), my blood sugar has become normal. I repeatedly praised God, "Thank you, Lord, I don't have diabetes."

Right after I said those words, a man on a bike breezed through beside our jeep. He was wearing blue shirt and I saw these words on his back: "May diabetes ako" (I have diabetes). What? It's certainly not a common statement shirt, but I felt like God was pointing out something to me. I am not happy with the misfortune of others, and I wouldn't want anyone to have diabetes. But at that moment, I am just grateful that I don't have diabetes. 

It still amazes me how God can easily blink a "hey, listen to me" sign. God uses words--He leads people to write words, to display words, to publish words--and He turns my attention to them at the right time to bring home a message. And each time He does, it's a "God is real" moment  for me. Maybe that's why I enjoy writing and why I consider it as a ministry: so others can also recognize that God is real. 

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