Monday, July 9, 2012

Life is Precious

Today, through Facebook, I learned about the death of a Filipino Christian leader, Dr. Eli Javier. I came to realize and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as a teenager and during those years, I had several chances to hear Dr. Javier share inspirational messages about Christianity with  his usual sense of humor. The last time I heard him speak was a few years ago during a convention. He was already old but it was still refreshing to hear him. 

Only minutes in between, I saw also through Facebook, the sonograms of the fetuses of my friends Dawn and Mae. Obviously, I'm happy for both of them. They don't know each other and they live continents apart from each other, but both chose to share to the world on the same day the happy news about the tiny, fragile life growing in their womb. 

What a day, what mixed feelings. I felt sad and nostalgic about the earthly departure of a leader who also contributed to my spiritual growth. But on the other hand, I was reminded too that he is now in a better state--in the glorious presence of His Creator. I am thankful that God raised him to be a messenger of His Word and a mentor to countless many. In God's judgment, his time on earth is up. 

But time for the two babies in my two friends' wombs is just beginning. In a few months, after their mothers had carefully nurtured and lovingly cared for them, and at God's appointed time, they will be brought out into this world to begin life on earth. I pray that they too will know their Creator in a personal way and seek to live for Him each day, and even serve Him one day as their mothers are doing so. 

I've heard that fact before--each day someone  is dying while someone is being born. But it hit me today.  It's true. Life is precious. Life is such a wonderful gift from God. May we value each moment of our lives and the lives of the people under our care. In the end, I hope we can all say, we had a life well lived. In God, I believe we can. 

"The length of our days is seventy years —or eighty, if we have the strength...Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." A prayer of Moses, based on Psalm 90:10, 12

2 comments: said...

Ate Marlene,
What a lovely reminder of the fragility of life in the Lord's hands and care. Thank you for including me and our unborn daughter in your words of remembrance and thanksgiving.

randell jon taotjo said...

Tita Yah,

Thank you for this wonderful blog. This is a reminder that we have to live our lives only for God.

May God bless your hands always.

In Christ,