Friday, April 20, 2012

Social Networking

How is social networking affecting your relationships? How has Facebook and Twitter affected your world? I've reconnected with old friends and met new ones ever since I opened an account in Facebook three years ago. As an author, social networking has also helped me promote my book Add Mo 'Ko as Friend: Your Link to Real Relationships. Recently, MAI (Media Associates International) and I talked about social networking and my book in an interview. Learn more about it here.

How about you? How are you connecting with people around the world? How are you using social networking to improve your life?


Perrine Renoir said...

i'm actually connecting to people more with typepad and wordpress. i mean, when i see 12 thumbnails on my blogger account of who's following me, i know there are 12 serious people who would think twice, thrice, or four times before sharing something to me; whereas in fb, it's free for all.

it's just a matter of preference though. or let's say, i don't have much friends to begin with; and my family's not really into SNS.

congratulation on your book. :) it's my dream to publish one too.

Marlene Legaspi-Munar said...

Thanks for the quick comment and congratulatory note, Perrine! Interesting name. :)

You're right, it's a matter of preference. It's also wise to choose only the SNS that best suits you and your purpose.

By the way, do you do illustrations for books?