Monday, January 4, 2010

Clean Up the Clutter

I never thought I had so much clutter under my kitchen sink. At the start of the new year, I decided to do a general cleaning of the cabinet under the sink. In the end, I had to throw out rusty screw drivers and dried-up paints, worn out rugs and damp plastic bags plus others. After about an hour of cleaning up, the clutter in my cabinet was packaged into two sacks full of garbage.

How could I have made so much mess in my kitchen closet? For one, the tools were kept there, rarely used and left unchecked if they're still useful. It's also a shame to admit that I was too lazy to just dump the used plastic bags one on top of the other until they formed a mountain over time. I even dumped boxes into the cabinet hoping I could use it somehow but I never did.

My encounter with the kitchen mess made me ask myself: Do I also have clutter in my life that I need to quickly clean up? What are the things that I keep stuffing that not only eats up space but also invites cockroaches into the storage of my heart? Resentment? Unforgiveness? Little offenses that piled up?

Perhaps it's time to clean our closets and have a clean slate this year. Don't you think so?

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