Monday, February 9, 2009

Looking Forward to the Conference

Marlene, Dawn, and Sawsan

Littworld 2006 doesn't officially start until after lunch of November 12, so those of us who were already at the conference hotel decided to go to the nearest shopping area to buy some souvenirs. My roommate Sawsan and I, as well as people from MAI--John Maust and his wife Elsa, Dawn Herzog Jewell, and a few others went together.

Since Brazil is well-known for its coffee, I bought some packs to bring home to my friends and donors. I also bought several biscuits. And since I collect key chains, I bought a few chains too with the flag or map of Brazil engraved on them. It took me a while to make calculations as I do the purchase because this was my first time to deal with real, Brazil's currency. Actually, my mind was making calculations in three currencies- in real, in dollars, and in pesos (my country's currency)! With a few items and souvenirs on hand, we went back to Atibaia.

More participants from other countries have started arriving--others exhausted but relieved to be at the hotel, others happy to find familiar faces from previous Littworlds, others perhaps a bit nervous for being in a new place surrounded by people who speak a different language--yet all, I believe, look forward to a refreshing week of publishing conference.

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