Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You List

Managers have to-do list. Mothers have grocery list. Children have wish list. I think we all ought to have a thank you list. Here is mine for this week:

I’m thankful that...
…I’ve finally started blogging
…wonderful people like you read my blog
…high school friends still remember me after so many, many years (I won’t
tell you what year I went up the stage in my gala uniform to get my diploma!)
…my husband cooked spaghetti for our kids and their 11 friends who came to the house
…we celebrated a friend’s birthday last Wednesday with pizza and pistachio ice cream
(my favorites!)
…I keep learning new things because my job requires that I read and research a lot
…when I read some verses in the Bible, I realized its application in my life
…I’m now able to reconnect with my cousins whom I haven’t seen in years, thanks to
Yahoo Messenger
…I had a nap this afternoon
…last month’s telephone bill was already paid (on time)
…we have a kind neighbor who gave us lumpiang ubod at pritong lumpia (fresh and
fried spring rolls)
…I found six yards of fabric for our couch at a bargain price
…someone gave me a tip on how to get a scholarship for our daughter

Most of all, I’m thankful that…
…God made all these things possible. Without Him I can not do anything. He is my
Source of wisdom and strength, my Enabler and Helper.

Why not spend your weekend making your own thank you list? Share them with me and I’ll post it here. Thank you!


Noel said...

Yah, congratulations on your blog. Here's another cousin you get to connect. Thanks to technology. Through your blog, we'll sure be in touch. Regards to your family. - Noel

Marlene Legaspi-Munar said...

Thanks for the visit! I have missed many reunions already, but we can keep each other posted through our blogs. Please text me the link to your blog. I heard you're on Multiply. God bless your family!

clemenchita said...

:-)Ahummm... thanks for the "Thank You List" you've shared ate. It reminds me also to give thanks to the Lord for His goodness in my life even in a small thing that i've done.

---<@ God bless po te yah!@>---

mei said...

hi ate! just this morning i was thinking along the same lines.. dami kong reklamo sa mga nangyari sa kin last week that it's about time i reverse the trend by writing a gratitude journal.

i am thankful simply for another week that may not be perfect, but full of promise and hope. if everything was soooo bad the previous week, then things could only get better! =)