Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picnic, Anyone?

I neatly laid the diced boiled potatoes on the plastic container. Then next to them I piled the sliced ripe red tomatoes as well as the fragile hardboiled eggs. Quickly, I prepared the herb and oil dressing for my salad. It was an exciting day. I was going on a picnic.

The idea to go on a picnic all by myself came several days after working hard in front of the computer. In the past, I had set aside special days for rest. Quiet times with my Creator in a secluded place. My wearied mind finally agreed with my tired body and hungry spirit. I needed a rest.

Seconds after I made the decision, my cell phone beeped. It's a text message from a friend: "Time spent with the Lord is always time well spent. 'Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.' Mark 6:31. Have a good and godly day."

Coincidence? More like a heaven-sent confirmation!

So I packed my salad, apple juice, banana, Bible, and two other books. I retreated to a nearby campsite and enjoyed the green and peaceful scenery. I climbed the tree house. I curled on

the hammock. I listened to the joyful songs of Hill Song from a borrowed MP3. I thanked God for His blessings as well as asked for a few more favors. I read some verses from the Bible and finished two chapters of a book I bought from a second-hand store. And yes, I leisurely forked my salad, savoring the taste of the potatoes, tomatoes, and eggs with herbs. For a few hours, the countdown to deadlines stopped ticking. All I could hear were the swaying of the leaves and the creaking of bamboos as they bent to the wind.

I often read that rest is good. After resting, we come out recharged not only with a renewed strength, but with a refreshed mind as well. Picnic, anyone?

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